Terrorism vs. Inner Awakening

24 Feb

A few days ago a bomb ripped through the popular German bakery in Pune, India. Compared to terrorist incidents in more unstable regions of the world, this news item might be just a footnote… but it sends a shock across India.

Sadly, the violence seems to be re-occurring with periodic frequency. It feels like yesterday when blasts ripped across Mumbai in 1993. Or when extremists blew up commuter trains. I’ve traveled through the lawless heartlands of Eastern India where the power literally flows from the barrels of home-made guns… carried by organized gangs, corrupt law keepers and politician run militias and mafias.

image credit: Charline Gentle

However the people of India never quite let these fears dominate their thinking and decision making. The role model of Mahatma Gandhi stil survives in public policy and peer-to-peer behavior. This keeps the crowds from going belligerent at the drop of a dime. The defense budget is quite paltry for a country surrounded by enemies, with powerful friends to who are supplying them with deadly weapons.

Life goes on peacefully, as there is a lasting peace established within the hearts of the people. Cultivated by millenia of diverse gospels which converge on the singularity of inner awakening as the final solution. Not more bombs, armies and missiles.

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