3 Tips for a More Comfortable Meditation Practice

01 Feb

When a person is under a great deal of stress, the benefits of meditation are not so easy-to-understand at first. It can initially seem like a waste of time to sit and reflect on inward things when the outward pressures of life are so demanding and so obvious. And usually people don’t even know how to meditate properly.

Here are three tips to make your practice more comfortable:

  1. Make a designated sport in your home for meditation.
  2. You don’t have to designate an entire room if you don’t have space for it, but at least pick a corner and set a comfortable cushion there.

  3. Go easy on yourself.
  4. No one is perfect at meditation at first. It takes many months of practice to go deeper into it. If your mind wanders, that’s normal!

  5. Play soothing music.
  6. Some people like pure silence, but for others meditation music makes all the difference between getting into it vs. not doing meditation at all. Try some out at a very low volume and see how it works for you!

image credit: oddsock

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