What did you let go of, to grab the treasures?

14 Mar

Pebbles in Hands by Mike Johnson @ flickr

A student, while progressing through high school, was given some great advice by her Math teacher. Explaining metaphorically, the concept of  unlearning old skills before learning new ones. “When we come across a treasure, we need to let go of the pebbles, so our hands can be free to take in the more valuable stuff.”

Indeed, when it comes to spiritual seeking, our hands are made so that we can take a little bit more than we need for a day from the treasure of our enlightened spirit, but small enough so we have to come back every day to re-connect and scoop up some more again.

Light in the hands

Light Hands by melbow@flickr

Blessed are those who carry back the spirit’s treasures and redistribute it without judging the recipients. Thus the giver recognizes the infinite nature of the treasure. Even more praiseworthy are those who bring others to the infinite gold mine, without constraining their selection of people they are connecting to the light.

There are always those who hold back on connecting others, citing priorities and limited nature of their own self. Since the infinity has not registered in their understanding, they have not realized the eternity of the spirit’s gift. They are still hanging on to the pebbles from the past and occasionally giving fractions of those in the name of spiritual light.

When you reached the treasure of the spirit, what did you have to let go and unlearn?



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