Are You Getting Some Quality Meditation Time?

09 Aug

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Do we need to warm up for meditation? That is the question I have been asking myself. Having taken both physical movement and meditation seriously, I’ve come to realize a common truth between these two aspects of being well: warm up and cool down. I am starting to wonder if, subtle warming up and cooling are also critical elements of mediation?

There are days I sit down for meditation and if I skip energy balancing before meditation, I may not feel completely satisfied. I try to have a variety in my approach to meditative states, but this element may not be optional. We are constantly seeking the key to guarantee a good meditation. Let us explore this concept briefly.

Now how does warm up help with physical exercise? Stretching groups of muscles is important for the actual exercise we are planning to do. It improves circulation to those groups of muscles and prevents short-term soreness and long-term injury.

Similarly, when we meditate, we deal with a subtler system within us, which needs to activate and be brought into the “zone” before it can get into a good meditative state. Then one can spend quality time with one’s own self, because the distracting elements within, mostly thoughts of the past and the future are subdued and do not create disturbances.

Balancing the left and right channels using the earth and sky is a great way to start warming up to a real meditative state. Raising our energy and shielding ourselves with our own energy acts as an entry and exit exercise and the wonderful state of meditation between these can be counted towards our quality meditation time.

© 2011 Sahaja Meditation; Photo CC Licensed, Courtesy @ thehidaway on flickr

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One response to “Are You Getting Some Quality Meditation Time?

  1. rickie hudspeth

    November 3, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    Ive thought the samething now I’m gonna have to try it thank you


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