Free Yourself from The Shell!

31 Mar


Do you know the meaning behind the tradition of giving out eggs for Easter?

The egg is very significant because it is a symbol of rebirth. In Sanskrit language a bird is called as ‘dwijaha’ – twice born. The egg resembles this rebirth because the bird is twice born, first when the egg is laid and second when the bird emerges. Christ resurrected and he is therefore twice born.

Human beings are eggs before Self-Realization. In the sixth energy center, which corresponds to the brain area, the Ego and the Super-Ego collide, and the fontanelle bone area gets completely calcified, separating us from the Supreme Power of Creation. Like the bird, humans are also reborn when our Inner Energy is awakened.

sahaja meditation chakra chartForgiveness plays an important role in the process of Self-Realization. If we don’t forgive, there is no passage for the Inner Energy to go up between Ego and Super-Ego. Shri Mataji said, “What a message Christ gave us that the greatest weapon we have got is to forgive others and forgive ourselves because God forgives us and this is the message we have to know, that we have to forgive ourselves… The larger the Power of Forgiveness, the more powerful you will be. Forgive everyone. Only the one who is Big can forgive…”

They say if the egg is broken from within – you will get Inner Growth, if it is broken from outside – you will get scrambled eggs. Make sure you’re getting scrambled eggs only for breakfast, and start your inner journey right now!

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