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Yoann is The Voice!

Yoann Freget, a 25 year old Sahaja yogi, wins The Voice 2 of France on May 18, 2013. The talent from the Garou team, beat his competitors in the public voting. Yoann has won realization of his first album and the hearts of the big audience. He prevailed at the end of the final stage where he performed hits like “In Another World” by Celine Dion and “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson. In his duet with Zaz, Yoann reprized the song “I Want” together with his coach Garou, and sang “Amazing Grace” by Elvis Presley.


His sensitivity, his soul, his heart and his generosity have captivated the audience. In his backstage interview to the MyTF1 Yoann said about the message he wanted to deliver, “Always and forever: Love… for the final show I wanna give love…”, the leader of the famous American hip hop band Black Eyed Peas, who sang that evening with all the four finalists, announced that he will create a single for the winner of the Voice 2. So it is Yoann who will be working with, and his upcoming new single will be the first part of’s concert in Paris in December.

Enjoy the video of the “Earth Song” performance by Yoann at the Voice grande final.
“Amazing Grace” (Elvis Presley)
“Free” (Stevie Wonder)
“It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” (James Brown) sang by Yoann at the semifinal.

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Motherhood is the Highest Thing!

Shri Mataji said, “We are mothers and we should be proud of our motherhood. Motherhood is the highest thing a woman can achieve… And I think that is the greatest thing that can happen to a woman is to be a mother… It’s much worse that you have to tell your children something to be done, and you love them so much that you don’t want to say that, then you have to play some little sweet tricks with them to bring them round… It is such an interesting and a beautiful life to be a mother, we should be proud mothers.”


In recognition of Her strength, love, devotion and compassion, many people call Her “Mother”. She treated everybody as Her own child. Personal care and attention were hallmarks of Shri Mataji’s programs.

Being a mother for thousands, Shri Mataji always emphasized the importance of mother’s role for the prosperity of the whole society, “Motherhood is the highest thing. I tell you, the race, any race which does not have superior mothers cannot exist. Any country which doesn’t have mothers of a great quality cannot exist. It will perish, no doubt about it.  The mothers have to look after the preservation, not only of their own children, but of the whole race, of the whole nation. It is a very important thing. Wherever the mothers have failed, the nations have failed.  So try to understand that it is the mothers’ duty to do this… Everything passes through the mother to the children.”


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Sometimes, Words Speak Louder than Pictures

An elegant ad for an upcoming newsletter quotes a student in the Bronx. Can you summarize your Sahaja Meditation experience in a sentence like this? Tell us in the comments section below.

Ad for Healthcorps Newsletter

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Terrorism vs. Inner Awakening

A few days ago a bomb ripped through the popular German bakery in Pune, India. Compared to terrorist incidents in more unstable regions of the world, this news item might be just a footnote… but it sends a shock across India.

Sadly, the violence seems to be re-occurring with periodic frequency. It feels like yesterday when blasts ripped across Mumbai in 1993. Or when extremists blew up commuter trains. I’ve traveled through the lawless heartlands of Eastern India where the power literally flows from the barrels of home-made guns… carried by organized gangs, corrupt law keepers and politician run militias and mafias.

image credit: Charline Gentle

However the people of India never quite let these fears dominate their thinking and decision making. The role model of Mahatma Gandhi stil survives in public policy and peer-to-peer behavior. This keeps the crowds from going belligerent at the drop of a dime. The defense budget is quite paltry for a country surrounded by enemies, with powerful friends to who are supplying them with deadly weapons.

Life goes on peacefully, as there is a lasting peace established within the hearts of the people. Cultivated by millenia of diverse gospels which converge on the singularity of inner awakening as the final solution. Not more bombs, armies and missiles.

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