Sahaja Yoga to Be a Part of BRICS Summits

13 Feb

8th BRICS summit 2016, New Delhi

At the 8th BRICS summit 2016, a world conference of leaders for international relations and security, a participant Sahaja Yogi had a chance to read the following article about the Islamic State from a Sahaja perspective- Why ISIS. After it was read, the BRICS committee was so impressed that they have included Sahaja Yoga to be a part of all their future summits and conferences. BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Below is the Sahaja article from the latest book written by Yogi Mahajan and Pragya Pradhan, that was read by Pragya Mishra at the 8th BRICS Summit about the crisis of Islamic fundamentalism and it’s spread:


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Young boys in front of “membership office” for ISIL, Al-Bab, Syria; photo credit:

“A country’s youth is its greatest wealth because it is its most precious potential. But the glitter of gold also attracts thieves. Thieves like ISIS are stealing it. In the past they stole over 3000 young men and 500 European girls. The youngsters joined ISIS not because they were Muslims or subscribed to its ideology, but because they were sick of their robotic lives and sought adventure, or they were disillusioned teenagers trying to find purpose and score a goal inside their head. Mind you these were highly educated youth in high profile jobs! Not just that, the ISIS propaganda machine is engineered by smart tech-savvy young brains produced by the top American Universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton etc. It belies the myth that education makes a man, or smartness is akin to wisdom. Yes, education is an essential element but it has failed to provide safety valves to protect the world’s most precious gold.

Something has to happen in our awareness for the safety valves to open. It was thought that religion was the answer, but it also attracts thieves; fundamentalists have split the human race in the name of god. According to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, “After self-realization it is easy to perceive the truth that all these religions were born on the same tree of spirituality, but that those in charge of each religion plucked the flowers from the living source and are now fighting each other with dead flowers of merely partial truths.”


But why seek the safety valve elsewhere when it is placed within us since our creation. Socrates said, ‘know Thyself’. The self is the universal being within us. Chinese philosophers Confucius and Lao Ste described it as an energy ‘chi’. This indwelling energy is also described as the cool wind of the Holy Ghost in Christianity, Ruach in the Hebraic scriptures and kundalini in the ancient Indian texts. As we connect with our kundalini she opens this safety valve. Intuition flows through the valve and enables us to recognize the wolf in the lamb’s clothes. But wait, the intuition not only protects us but also expands our awareness into collective consciousness. The light of collective conscious helps us to integrate.

As we integrate it becomes possible to understand who we are inside, and hence realize that we are no different from everyone else. We are cells in one cosmic body, and if one cell has cancer it spreads to the whole body. The late President Roosevelt said something similar; poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere. As we integrate, we no more have to imagine ‘all men are brothers’ but it is a living experience because we feel unconditional love for our global family on our central nervous system.

Today the human race is once again bonding as thousands of youth who are enjoying the peaceful vibrations of their kundalini are spreading those vibrations to others. Apart from transmuting the vacuum in their lives their kundalini also transcends their attention to a new Gandhian- Lincoln high, and hence they don’t have to ramp up any other dose. Thus, our kundalini is not only the catalyst for bonding the human race but also provides modern solutions to the age old problems of terrorism, fundamentalism, fascism, racialism and immorality. We cannot solve modern problems with worn out tools; we need a baggage – free postmodern youth with open minds and ignited spirits.

In India we have a saying, “If age could, if youth knew.” What if the youth knew from an innate source within? What if it empowered them? What if it opened their eyes of discretion to decipher truth from untruth – then there would be no ISIS.”

By Yogi Mahajan & Pragya Pradhan

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